March 3 – Story of Abraham

Questions for March 3 rd :

  1. How has God been working in and around you this week?
  2. What questions came up for you from the text and/or teaching today!
  3. Abram was called to leave his family/community…. seems like God calls him to an
    individual decision. What is the importance of individuality community? When does one
    become a priority over the other?
  4. When God told Abram he would bless him. What do you think that means? And what
    does it mean for us to be a blessing to others? Is it the same as God’s blessing to us or
    something different?
  5. There’s a famine in the land, so Abram heads to Egypt. Is this him using the brain that
    God gave him or is this him acting in a way that’s not trusting God? How do we know
    the difference?
  6. What do you think Abrams ‘s motivation when he lied about Sari being his wife? Is there
    ever a time when lying would be healthy?
  7. How can we be praying for you this week?