March 10

Questions for March 10 th :

  1. How has God been working in and around you this week?
  2. What questions came up for you from the text and/or teaching today!
  3. In verse 2 we read, Abraham have become very wealthy and livestock and in silver and gold. Was this a
    blessing from God? Or something he acquired apart from God’s desire for him?
  4. At the end of verse three, we read the statement “and Abraham, called on the name of the Lord” What does
    this mean to you? is this something we do or something unique to Abram?
  5. What type of wisdom did Lot use in making the choice of where he would take his flocks? Do we use this
    method at times? Is this healthy or is there a healthier way?
  6. What do you think caused Abram at the end of chapter 13 the first pitches 10 and then built an altar, instead
    of what he did the first time, building an altar, and then pitching his tent? What causes us to live like this at
  7. How can we be praying for you this week?