Book of Genesis –

1. How has God been working around you and using you this week?

2. What Questions came out of the text or teaching for you this week?

3. How would it be known that Sari was barren?

4. The Rabbis teach that Abraham was chosen, because he cared less about himself and his name, and he did about redeeming others. How do we find a balance between being that kind of person and still taking care of ourselves?

5. Genesis 11:31 tells us that Tehran took his family and headed to Canaan. Why do you think they were going there?

6. The end of verse 31 tells us that Tehran did not make it to Canaan, but to Harman and they settled there. where have we heard the word settle before? What is the theme that we’re seeing here?

7. How can we be praying for you this week.