Humility – Feb 26

Humility – Week #4 – Micah 6:1-8
1. What has God taught you this week? Where have you seen him working and/or what did you
glean from the message today?
2. If you were going to defend some of the people on this call in court about their walk with God,
What is the case you would make for them?
3. When things go “wrong” in a persons life many are quick to blame God; is this because people
have a wrong view of God or another reason?
4. God seems to tell the children of Israel that he is not interested in their burnt offerings; What do
we offer God that he may not be interested in?
5. Justice, Mercy and walking in humility, which do you struggle with the most and why?
6. What is you biggest take away about Humility from this series>
7. How might we be lifting you up in prayer this week?