Last Lessons of Jesus – March 5

  1.  what has God been teaching you this week? How has he used you? What did he impress on you with todays message?
  2. Was Jesus angry in the Temple? Is there ever a time we should display this type of anger?
  3. Think what it would’ve been like for a family who was raising an animal, knowing that it was the animal that would be sacrificed for their sins. What kind of attention would be given to this animal? Is there any similar experience in our giving or sacrifices?
  4. In first Corinthians three, verse 17 Paul says if anyone destroys gods temple, God will destroy him. What does this mean to you?
  5. What might Jesus clear out of your temple that keeps it from being a house of prayer?
  6. The blind and lame felt safe enough to just follow Jesus into the temple. What was it about Jesus that made them feel safe? How can we make those who feel outcast by the church? Feel safe?
  7. How can we be praying for you this week?