Humility – Feb 19

1. What has God taught you this week? Where have you seen him working and/or what did you

glean from the message today?

2. When has stubbornness reared it’s head most in your life?

3. Jesus is at the Pharisees house and asks the man if it is legal to heal on the Sabbath or not….Why

do you think they remained silent?

4. What part does Humility play in coming to Christ? What part does it play in Following Christ?

(See Luke 14:25-33)

5. Jesus said do not take the place of honor….with those thoughts in mind is it easier for a believer

to make a difference as a leader (person with a position) or a follower.

6. Where has God given you opportunity to live in Humility this week?

7. How might we be lifting you up in prayer this week?