November 22

    1. 1. Where have you seen God working this week?
    2. 2. When you review our study of the book of Exodus what are some of the main takeaways for you?
    3. 3. Share a story in your life where God was working in the past To prepare you for something many years later even though at the time you might’ve wondered what he was doing? 
    4. 4. Where have the chains of bondage affected your life?
    5. 5. We spoke a lot about holiness during our study. Last week we looked at days and holidays that were holy in the lives of God’s people. How would you explain the importance of holiness in our relationship with God?
    6. 6. This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving in the midst of the craziest of years. Looking back over 2020 what are you most thankful for?
    7. 7. What can we be joining you in prayer for this week?