November 15

Exodus 21-23 Discussion Questions:

  1. What did God stir in your heart this week or this morning?
  2. What is the role/purpose of the Law in the life of a Christ Follower?
  3. We saw that God is concerned with the plight of the powerless. As believers how are we to have the greatest impact in this area? Vote for the Governmental candidates that care most about this, Work as a church community to make an impact or be involved personally in these endeavors?
  4. God asked the Israelites to leave the edges of their fields unharvested so the less fortunate might gather crops for themselves. What might God be teaching us with these instructions?
  5. What situations has God called you to bring Justice too?
  6. Outside of Christmas and Easter what days on your calendar are important to you families Spiritual Journey. What days might you want to add?
  7. What might we be praying for you and with you this week?