November 29

Questions for 1 John 1: November 29, 2020

  1. Share with the group where you saw God moving in your Thanksgiving
  2. Christmas is a short 26 days away…..Advent is a season of anticipation, what are you most anticipating as you think about Christmas 2020 approaching ?
  3. What did God stir in your heart as you listened to the message this morning?
  4. The Gnostics were focused on the Sinfulness of the physical body. As Believers we embrace the fact that Christ Died for our sin and removed it as far as the East is from the West. Why is “Sin Management” still such a big focus for us?
  5. Reflect and react to the concept of “Walking in the Light”, living with nothing hidden and “experiencing a shared life with one another”, being transparent. Why might God call us to this? How might transparency advance the Kingdom?
  6. How might we create and maintain an atmosphere of Safety at FreshStart?
  7. What might we join with you in prayer about this week?