What’s Up with All the Jewish Festivals – Nov 19

Questions for November 26 th : 

  1. How have you heard God speak to you this week? How did he use you?
  2. What questions were brought up from the teaching today for you?
  3. What type of preparations do you usually make during this Advent Season?
  4. Scott shared that Emanuel is only used 4x in the Bible as opposed to Faith (336x) Joy (88x)
    and Love (310x) What makes this infrequently used Word important?
  5. What does the word Emmanuel, “God with us” mean to you actually/practically?
  6. Scott asked in the teaching ” If we believe that God is actually with us, why do we spend so
    much time trying to figure out what he wants us to do/be? As if he is far off or absent” What
    might be needed in our lives to truly live in this reality?
  7. How can we be praying for YOU this week?