Asking Questions – July 23

  1.  1. What has God been doing in and through you this week?
  2. 2. What questions arouse for you in the text and or Video today
  3. 3. What does it teach us when we see Jesus sending the disciples into a boat that day?
  4. 4. The disciples saw 5000 people ( probably more like 15,000 people) fed with five loaves and three fish and 12 baskets of leftovers. How did they seem to forget this when they were in the boat? Does this happen to us today? Why would you say it happens?
  5. 5. Is fear the opposite of faith? Why do you say so?
  6. 6. Does Jesus give us the ability to calm storms? (Why don’t we use this power?
  7. 7. How can we be praying for you this week and then who else might we need to pray for