May 7 – Lessons from Deuteronomy

  1. 1. What has God been teaching you this week?
  2. 2. How is he used you? What did you gleen from the message today?
  3. 3. When does fear most surface in your life?
  4. When facing enemies, God encouraged the Israelites to focus on the fact that he would fight for them, and they would have victory. What makes those things hard for us to focus on in the face of enemies?
  5. 4. Why did God give the Israelites so many reasons to leave the battle? What does that mean for us today?
  6. 5. With all the different direction that God gives the Israelites in dealing with enemy cities, what might we take away when thinking about dealing with our enemies today?
  7. 6. What “wars” are you currently facing?
  8. 7. How can we be lifting you up in prayer this week?