April 30 – Lessons from Deuteronomy

1. What has God been teaching you this week? How is he been using you? What spoke to you from the message this morning?

2. The Israelites were called to celebrate the time that God led their departure from Egypt. A bondage to freedom story. What bondage to freedom stories in your life might be worth celebrating?

  1. 3. The Hebrew celebrations required preparation/time and sacrifice. In today’s culture, we seem to look for quick and easy ways to Worship. What my God want us to think about here?
  2. 4. The Hebrews celebrations revolved around what God had done. How might our celebrations change if they reflected more of this Hebrew concept?
  3. 5. In verse 16 we read “no one should appear before the Lord empty-handed“ what might that look like today for us to appear before the Lord empty-handed?
  4. 6. The lesson from Deuteronomy that we read about today was this something that God wanted the people to add to their calendars or was this more foundational to a new way of life? explain why you think so
  5. 7. How can we be lifting you up in prayer this week?