September 18, 2022 – Daniel – Chapter 2:4-49

Daniel – Chapter 2:4-49 – September 18, 2022

1. What has the Lord be doing in you this week and/or how did the
message challenge or speak to you this morning?

2. How have dreams been a part of your sleep pattern and life. Have
you ever had what you would consider a supernatural dream?

3. The King was troubled by his Dream and called Wise-men to tell
him what it was and meant. What do you usually do when you
are troubled? Who do you usually call?

4. Daniel and his friends had a problem. They did three things; 1. The
asked the King for more time; 2. They gathered as friends and
prayed 3. They worshiped God for the answer. Do we follow
similar patterns today when facing a huge problem or do we do
something else?

5. What are your thoughts of the Kings dream? Are there any take
aways for us?

6. The King acknowledged Jehovah God….Is there a difference
between acknowledgment and surrender?

7. How can we be lifting YOU up in prayer this week?