September 11

Daniel – Chapter 1:1-2:3 – September 11, 2022

1. What has the Lord be doing in you this week and/or how did the
message challenge or speak to you this morning?

2. We know Daniel was a faithful man…. why would God allow him
to be captured and live his entire life in captivity….what are the
take aways here for us.

3. Daniel was captured at 15/16 years old! What does this say to us
about his spiritual upbringing; what might it teach us about
instilling faith in our children?

4. Scot said in the message; “When ever you are under enemy
control the quickest way to assimilate you is to confuse your
identity”. What are your thoughts about this statement? How
does God’s enemy work in this way?

5. Have you ever put your obedience to the test?

6. The scripture says God gave them special abilities. Do you think
these were gifts specifically give to these men by God or they
were a natural part of their obedience that would have been
available to other shad they been obedient also?

7. How can we be lifting YOU up in prayer this week?