Conversations of Jesus – July 31

Conversations of Jesus – Jesus calls James and the children – July 31,
1. What has the Lord be doing in your life this week and/or what did
He empress upon your heart during today’s message?
2. Some of us have taught kids in Sunday School or children’s church,
what kinds of things do we teach our children; what is important
for us to teach them. What was Jesus teaching the children?
3. In the scripture, why did the disciples rebuke people for bringing
4. What does Jesu mean by “receive the kingdom of God like a
5. What did Jesus mean when he said “the kingdom of God
BELONGS to such as these?
6. In the Witness Video the Amish man said, “This is not our way” As
children WATCH our lives what do they learn about our way?
7. How can we be lifting YOU up in prayer this week?