Conversations of Jesus -Aug 7

Conversations of Jesus – Jesus with Quintas – August 7, 2022

1. What has the Lord be doing in your life this week and/or what did
He empress upon your heart during today’s video or message?
2. In our summer series on the conversations with Jesus what has
been some of your biggest take aways
3. Today’s conversation of Jesus was not found directly in scripture
but could have occurred. What other kind of conversations do you
think Jesus may have had that are not recorded in scripture?
4. When it comes to Jesus, Faith, or Christianity; What do people
have a the most problem with?
5. What allows Jesus to stay so calm in the face of conflict? Are we
able to use this ourselves in the face of conflict?
6. Scott mentioned that people have spiritual problems cause they
live with out a Standard or struggle with self-esteem; do you
agree, disagree? What are your thoughts/
7. How can we be lifting YOU up in prayer this week?