Conversations of Jesus – July 17

Conversations of Jesus – Jesus calls James and John – July 17, 2022

1. What has the Lord be doing in your life this week and/or what did
He empress upon your heart during today’s message?
2. In the Video Jesus stropped the Disciples from their reaction of
revenge; disciples said they wanted to protect Jesus’ honor, these
people did not deserve him. What are your thoughts? Ever had a
similar reaction?
3. Jesus had over a hundred Disciples (Luke 6:12-16) yet he chooses
12 to be apostles. What was the purpose of choosing 12?
4. Jesus scolded James and John saying, “You are going to get in the
way of the truth” What do you think Jesus meant? How might we
“get in the way of the truth?
5. The word Christian was first used as a derogatory term to label
followers of Jesus, creating a Us/them mentality. Is it used
differently today?
6. In the Video Jesus questioned the disciples desire to use the
power of God to call down destruction “thunder” on others; does
this happen today? How might God want us to use this power?
7. How can we be lifting YOU up in prayer this week?