May 30th

Questions for May 30th
Boundary of Community
  1.  1. What has the Lord been teaching you this week and/what did he impress on your heart from the message this morning?
  2. 2. In your mind what’s the difference between a “me first mentality “and “self-care “
  3. Koinoia is it difficult where to define. What is your understanding of this word? 
  4. 3. What does it mean and what does it not mean?
  5. 4. What did the early church do in experiencing Koinoia that it would be good for us to give more attention to?
  6. 5. React to Scott’s statement “Without Koinoia, Christian’s are just practicing a religion
  7. 6. What is your biggest take away from this series on boundaries we need to protect?
  8. 7. How can we be lifting you up in prayer this week3.