May 22

Questions for May 22

Boundary of Empathy
  1. 1. What has the Lord been teaching you this week and/what did he impress on your heart from the message this morning?
  2. 2. What was your reaction to the Bernne Brown video? What are the four parts of empathy she shared?
  3. 3. What did Jesus connect within himself to be able to empathize at Lazarus Tomb?
  4. 4. Keeping in mind when someone starts a sentence with “I feel like…“ We are not sharing our feelings but our thoughts; is sharing your feelings something you do regularly in conversation? Why do you think this is important?
  5. 5. If empathy is a choice what kind of work do you need in this area.
  6. 6. Where do we see the Jesus shows not have empathy when we read the gospels?
  7. 7. How can we be praying for you this week?