January 31

    1. 1. What has God been teaching you this week and or what did he empress upon your heart this morning?

      2. Do you usually think of Pruning as a blessing or a punishment, what has led you to do so?
    1. 3. What are your thoughts on Scott’s statement that Fruit is not to be continually produced, there must be regular dormancy periods in our lives.

    1. 4. How might the church help people to embrace the pruning process, or accept a dormancy period?

    1. 5. Why is it hard for us to leave people like Jesus did and find a Solitary place?

    1. 6. What are your thoughts about the statistics of Pastors in the United States that Scott Shared? How should the effect/motivate us as a church?

    1. 7. How can we be lifting you up in prayer this week?