January 24

Questions for January 24, 2021

  1. What has God been teaching you this week, or what did God share with you during the message today?
  2. What experiences do you have with memorizing scripture? Which of John Pipers reasons most resonated with you?
  3. Scott made the Statement, “The Bible is not as much to tell us what to do, than to tell us who we are!” Do you agree/disagree, what difference would this make practically in our lives?
  4. Scott mentioned noticing a critical Spirit in himself this week. When we notice sin in our lives is our first reaction to try to fix it (say 5 positive things a day) or focus on returning to the River? Why?  What difference does it make?
  5. What are the best ways you have found to STAY in the River?
  6. What have you heard in this series that you are you mediating on?
  7. How can we be lifting you up in prayer this week?