March 29 Teaching

Discussion Questions:

  1. What did God stir in your heart as you listened this morning?
  2. What is an experience you had this week that God taught you through?
  3. God called the children of Israel to obey the directions for the Passover as a “lasting ordinance” in other words something they would do each year or regularly. What do you think is something that might come out of this experience that will become a new ritual, celebration or way of life for you and or your family?
  4. What would you like your children/grandchildren to learn from you during this time?
  5. What are you grateful for this morning? What praises might you offer to God?
  6. Who are the people that you want to encourage? How might you best encourage them during this time?
  7. Thinking about this week to come, what are some of your thoughts, needs, hopes and prayer requests?