March 8th Teaching

1.  What did God stir in you as you watched the Video today?
2. Scott Spoke about the feeling and thoughts he had around death with his experience with Melanoma. Have you thought much about death?  What have your thoughts been? 
3. If Heaven is a “Better Place” Why do we hold on to this life so tightly?  Does this have any effect on the witness that we have with unbelievers?  In what way?
4. Share some evidence that you have of the Holy Spirit being in your life?  What is something that you could not have done without his presence?
5. How would you explain to someone the effect that “carrying your cross” has had in your life? What are somethings that are no longer a part of your life now that you are following Jesus? (Might some of these things be good things at times instead of just sinful things?)
6.Share an opportunity that God has given you recently to be a witness for him? How have you embraced this opportunity?  
7. Share something with the group they can pray for this week and share in a time of prayer before you leave today.