Sept 22 Teaching

September 22

  1. Share what God shared with you this morning during this message
  2. The statement Scott ran across “I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understood from their level of perspective” Agree? Disagree? What implication does this have for the church and teaching?
  3. In your understanding how is Biblical Fellowship diff then regular social gatherings?
  4. When we speak of Fellowship having this common preparation of preparing us for what God has for us…..What do you sense God has been preparing you for?  
  5. The common purpose of Fellowship is to prepare us to expand the Kingdom of God.  Thinking about the future and the opportunity to invite people to a group like this, how might we involve new folks yet retain the three essentials of Fellowship? 9 The Common passion for the things of God. Common Preparation for the work of God and Common purpose to Glorify God/expand His Kingdom)
  6. What is something you are taking away from our sharing/discussion this AM that you will be applying to your life?
  7. Share prayer requests and Pray together

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