Book of Genesis – May 12

Questions for May 12 th :

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! Share with us a memory about your mom from your childhood?
  2. How is God been using you this week? What have you seen him do around you or
    through you?
  3. What Questions came up from the scripture and teaching this morning?
  4. Put yourself in Sarah’s shoes. After not having any children, you become pregnant for
    nine months and then give birth to a son. What are the thoughts you’d be having during
    your pregnancy and around the birth of your son? What comments do you think other
    people would be making?
  5. How do you think Abraham was feeling when Sarah had him to get rid of Hagar and
  6. What do God’s comments to Hagar and Ishmael teach us about God and his desires?
  7. How can we be praying for you this week?