Genesis Beginnings

Questions for January 7 th :

  1. Where have you seen God working this week?
  2. What questions were raised today from the scripture and or Scott’s words?
  3. Jesus spoke about not putting new wine into old wine skins. What does that mean to you
    and where do you see that happening today?
  4. When someone says that Genesis one might not be history, but poetry or even allegory
    what are your thoughts? What truths are most important to you in Genesis one?
  5. Have you ever heard of a chiasm before? What are your thoughts about it? Why do you
    think the church has not taught this concept widely?
  6. What are your thoughts on the concept of rest and how do you apply that to your own life
    currently? What changes would you need to make to rest regularly in the biblical sense?
  7. How might we be praying for you this week?