What’s Up with All the Jewish Festivals – Oct – 1

Questions for October 1 st :

  1. What have you seen God doing this week, how has he been using you?
  2. What Questions came up for you from the text and or the message?
  3. What types of preparations did the Jewish people need to make to carry out the
    Day of Atonement?
    4.. Confession is a public event in Hebrew life and also James says: “Confess your
    sins to one another ” (James 5:16) (Is this where Catholic Confession is rooted?)
    How is it that we have made Confession a private thing? Are we missing
    something? Is there danger here?
    5.. We’ve talked about the importance of rest to the Lord, and so far the Jewish
    people have had 10 plus days of rest in the new year. How do we integrate this
    idea of rest into our 20th century lives?
  4. What do you think of the idea of focusing on SIN one day a year and 364 days
    on celebrating and embracing our relationship with God? What might make that
    difficult for us? What might happen if we tried it?
  5. How can we be praying for you this week?