Asking Questions – Aug 6

1 What has God been doing in and through you?
2 What questions jumped out at you from the scripture, the message, or video?
3 When you read over, Jesus directions to the 12 what he told them to do and
say what stands out as the most important to Jesus?
4 Do we also have the power over impure spirits, and to heal every disease or
sickness or was that only for the disciples?
5 In the video, Jesus told the disciples to spread out to not concentrate
themselves in one place. Does that seem contrary to what we do today? Why
do you say so?
6 Jesus told the disciples to not waste their time with people who will not
listen to them? What makes that such a struggle for us?
7 How can we be praying for you this week and then who else might we need
to pray for?