Identity in Christ – January 22

Identity – Week 4 – January 22,2023

  1. How has God spoken to you, used you or what did he share with you during
    the message today?
  2. When you think of being adopted today; what are the lessons we can learn
    about being adopted into God’s family?
  3. The dilemma that Paul speaks about in Romans 7; knowing what we want
    to do but then doing what we do not want to do; In chapter 8 he says with
    Christ this dilemma was resolved? Why is it still a struggle then?
  4. Selfishness can derail us from God’s plan; what is the ways you have
    learned to deal with selfishness?
  5. In verse 14 Paul says about the “Old way of Life”, “The best thing to do is
    give it a decent burial and get on with the new life? What would this look
    like? Is this what baptism is suppose to be? Why does the old life seem to
    live again?
  6. What would have to happen in your life to wake up each day not thinking
    about what you had to do, but focused on hearing from God on what he
    would have you do?
  7. How can we be praying for you this week.