October 9, 2022

  1. 1. What has God been teaching you this week and or what did He empress upon your heart from todays message
  3. 2. Daniel’s message to Belshazzar is, “God has found you lacking”; it what specific area might this be true for you? What does God want you to do with that?
  5. 3. In Vs.22-24 Gos pointed out 4 realities to the king. The 1st one was , “you have failed to learn from the past.” Was is it so difficult to do?
  7. 4. Secondly God says, you struggle with Pride; where does pride most show up in you life?
  9. 5. Third the king was reprimanded for using the sacred things of God for his personal pleasure. Do we see this kind of thing happening today? Explain your answer.
  11. 6. Finally God says the King worshiped other gods or idols. Where do you must struggle with that?
  13. 7. What can we be praying for you about