Conversations of Jesus – June 19

Conversations of Jesus – Jesus and the Demon Possessed man –
Father’s Day June 19, 2022

1. What has the Lord be doing in your life this week and/or what did
he empress upon your heart from the message today or stood out
to you from the video?
2. What are your beliefs about Spiritual warfare? Was Satan
defeated at the cross, so he could only act with permission
today…. or is he alive and well and free to act as he wishes? (if the
later what happened to him at the cross?
3. Jesus sent the Legion of evil spirts into the Pigs; what does this
teach us today?
4. How do you think these actions changed the people that were
present with Jesus?
5. Does demon possession happen today or is its mental illness? Do
you believe Christians can be possessed by a demon? Oppressed?
How/why does this happen?
6. What does Ephesians 6:12 mena to you?
7. How can we be lifting YOU up in prayer this week?