April 24th – 9am -The Questions of Jesus

  1.  1. What has the Lord been teaching you this week and/what did he impress on your heart from the message this morning?
  3. 2. Some of the questions Jesus answered indirectly and others he seems to even avoid. Why would he do this what might this teach us?
  5. 3. Jesus answered questions about the law, forgiveness, divorce, the kingdom life, and the most important commands. When you hear of that what does it make you think about?
  7. 4. What might we learn from Jesus and thinking about the fact that he used questions to teach?
  9. 5. In our effort to be like Jesus what does it teach us that he was 40 times more likely to ask a question and to answer one?
  11. 6. In our series on the questions of Jesus what does one take away that you will seek to incorporate into your walk each day?
  13. 7.What can we be praying for you about this week?