February 20th – The Art of Connection

  1. February 20, 2021

    1.     What else has God been teaching you this week or what does he have you thinking about from today’s message?

    2.     How might you share with someone who asked the way to develop a Friendship with God?

    3.     What are the ways you show God Admiration and Praise?

    4.     What would be the difference between “turning toward, away or against” God?

    5.     In Relationships research tells us that when we “Know our Partner”, show fondness and admiration to our partner and turn toward our partner instead of away we will have a positive view of our relationship. If this is also true for our relationship with God, what might you suggest when we are feeling disconnected from Him?

    6.     What is your main take away from this series on Connection?

    7.     How can we be lifting You up in Prayer this week?