June 7

Philippians3:1-11– June 7 – Discussion Questions:

  1. What are you Joyful about this week?
  2. What did God stir in your heart as you listened this morning?
  3. What is the difference between these two statements for you?
    1. Don’t worry be happy
    2. Rejoice in the Lord
  4. Scott mentioned there were only 2 religions in the World, the first that emphasis man’s achievement and the second that emphasis God’s accomplishment. Every religion in the world falls into the first category, only Christianity falls into the second category. So, is it possible that Jesus came NOT to start a new religion, but to do away with religion? What are your thoughts about that? What should this mean to us?
  5. Does it matter whether good works are done to be righteous as opposed to flowing from righteousness?
  6. What does continual communion with Jesus look like in your life?
  7. Thinking about the week to come, what are some of your thoughts, needs, hopes and prayer requests?