April 26 Music and talk

Habakkuk 2 – April 26 – Discussion Questions:

  1. What did God stir in your heart as you listened this morning?
  2. What makes waiting on God so difficult for us?  What are some suggestions you might offer that would help us wait patiently?
  3. Scott Share six “de-railers” that keep us from living by faith
    1. Arrogance and Greed
    2. Taking Captives
    3. Security in wealth
    4. Security in Government
    5. Contemptuous Living
    6. Creating idols

Which do you think people most struggle with and why?  Which do you most struggle with?

  1. What are some “false beliefs” that people take captive that keep them from living by faith?
  2. Scott Shared 4 aspects of walking by faith; Faith is a gift, Faith is a muscle, faith has distractions, and Faith is a group Sport.  Which one of those statements do you wrestle with the most? Share how it makes you wrestle?
  3. How does walking by faith and waiting patiently go together in your mind?
  4. Thinking about the week to come, what are some of your thoughts, needs, hopes and prayer requests?