October 23

Daniel – Chapter 7:1-28 – October 23, 2022

1. How did everyone do this week, were did you see God working?

2. What has you experience with “Biblical Prophecy” been? Exciting,
confusing, scary, thrilling or something else?

3. Daniel had this dream somewhere between chapters 4 and 5 so
well after King Nebuchadnezzars dream. Do the dreams sound
similar to you? Why or why not? And what might this teach us?

4. Daniel did not know he was writing scripture…..so why do you
think he choose to write down his dream(s)?

5. What are the characteristics of a Beast? What traits of our current
world climate would enable a global leader like the Antichrist?

6. What aspects of God’s nature and power are suggested by
Daniel’s description of the Ancient of Days in verses 9-10?

7. How can we be lifting YOU up in prayer this week?