Please Prayer For List

Prayer List


Scott W,  Guidance  to hear God’s thoughts. 

St. Pete couple for counseling

David & Kim – David throat cancer recovery at home

Dan Ratcliff’s brother Jeff – on lots of medication for pain which is life changing. His wife Darla nurse at hospital with many Covid cases

Afghanistan/ Ukraine/Texas  – All people, – safety

Betty Ann – content with everyday living losses

ALL Care Facilities – to keep open for visitors of residents

Schools, teachers, staff, faculty students – Covid

Anthony Santanna – Severe injuries from hit by train

Lori – friend of Ratcliff – Brain surgery

Jeff- addiction to alcohol, depression, finding new self

Scott Lamb  healing of Cellulitis in right leg/ upcoming heart Ablation 10/3/22

Stephanie – New medication for thyroid disease

Gene – neighbor of Dan & Margie – Peace

Eric & Laura – relationship

Jenn’s Mom & Dad health issues – Mom- fractures in Spine, Dad problems with Hip Recovery

Dustin – rehab in Ca for drug therapy – make good decisions.

Peggy – Praying for no complications on taking Colitis Meds.  Sleep deprivation 

Sonya & Tom – Prostate cancer still present

Mark – Jeff Reynold’s dad – Covid 

Vaccine Mandates especially related to Peggy Sills

Peggy Yager stage 4 lung Cancer/brain 

Mike – Prostate issues

Katie – COVID  & future birth of baby in early August, 2022

James, & Jason – Stephanie’s nephews – working with lawyers with the estate of their deceased Mom, Bonny

Kevin – Margie’s brother PRAISE  starting to heal over death of son, Sean.


Jay & Jerri’s nephew – on Navy boat heading for Taiwan 

Jay & football students – starting practice 

Kathleen Lamb – dental work 

Josiah Welch’s –  heart issues

Cindy – Jenn’s sister PRAISE amazing improvements with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Sam problems in sleeping.

Lori – breast cancer

Lillian – Breast cancer 

Carl Pettit – in nursing care home

Jen & Jason – making good choices for healing

Karen Reynolds , courage to step into whatever role God has for her at her employment

Welch family foster daughter, Liasha guidance and encouragement.

Jenni – Margie & Dan’s friend. recovery from hip adjusment..

Jenifer Smith’s mother – pancreatic cancer

Bill & Sonia – Glenn Pauley’s parents – Mother fell, Father CT scan showed Kidney Carcinoma 

Cliff Voege’s sister, Roberta – Dementia 

Peggy – co-worker of the Liguori family – Stage 4 cancer, 

Cindy – Margie’s friend now has optic blindness in both eyes

Jenn W best friend’s step mother – Lisa with ER team for STOMA surgery

Mack Craig – friend of Jeff Reynolds -treatment for Esophageal cancer

Erica’s step father – Fred decision for his future care

Jenn Welch  Discernment with regards to her daughter

Family of Tom Henner,  over death of his wife, Karen

Angelina – Peggy S daughter in law.  Pregnant and with Covid

Lynette – Walsh’s sister-in-law recovery from Knee Replacement

Dan Ratcliff -started new job

Stephanie – Peggy’s neighbor – adoption of grandchildren after death of daughter

Lynne Schroeder – Covid – 

Dave and Becky Plummer – Dave – Covid

Linda Reidelbach – Covid

Patrick & Jill – pregnancy of twins

People in Kentucky – floods