Please Prayer For List

Prayer List


Scott W,  Guidance  to hear God’s guidance for others.  Future work 

Sunday – Granddaughter of Welch’s – made it through first call for Annie for National Tour

Dan Ratcliff’s brother  Rick  bone cancer. 

Betty Ann Welch – Mental health 

Schools, teachers, staff, faculty students – safety in schools

Jeff- addiction to alcohol, depression, finding new self

Gene – neighbor of Dan & Margie – Peace

Eric & Laura – relationship

Jenn Welch – Pet Scan results, next step

Sonya & Tom – Prostate cancer still present

Peggy Yager stage 4 lung Cancer/brain recovery 

Carl Pettit – in a nursing care home

Karen’s Parents Gordon & Rosanna – possible move to Gainesville area. needs direction on if this is a feasible move.

Welch family foster daughter, Liasha guidance and encouragement.

Jenifer Smith’s mother – pancreatic cancer

Peggy – co-worker of the Liguori family – Stage 4 cancer, 

Erica’s step father – Fred decision for his future care

Lynette – Walsh’s sister-in-law recovery from Knee Replacement

Michael Reidelbach – Kathleen’s brother  Parkinson’s disease

Jerri Welch’s Mom Anna Marie at home under Hospice Palliative Care 

Stephen Lamb – Congestive Heart Failure treatment 

Friends of Susan Larsen – Becky & Denice cancer

Bill & Rendi Elliot – health concerns

Marina -New school decision, Pray for father’s change of heart.

Bella & Elizabeth – Bella healing for Brain stent surgery, Elizabeth to find legal help

Francis – server friend of Reynolds – skin cancer and radiation

Melissa & Brett – divorce proceedings

Kay’s husband, Ken – friend of Peggy’s – recovering from severe stroke 

Margie, Peggy & Sam – Sinus problems

Stephanie -moving in July 

Lorraine Woltz – health is failing

Vivian Woltz – Fractured wrist repair, in severe pain

President Jimmy Carter and family – under Hospice care

Jeff & Karen Reynolds -safety in boating 

Karen Reynolds  future with current corporation

Patti Roller – Atrial fib diagnosis

Cliff Voege’s friend’s wife – Kim placed in Hospice care facility

Jacob & Kaleb Walsh – guidance in making good school decisions

Elizabeth – Friend of Bud & Bobbie – pancreatic cancer surgery

Jacob Welch – decision with new corporation

Sam Mike – new work schedule

Kelly – Pneumonia

Barbara – Depression

Marina – safety in CA.

Dan & Mary Agnes moving back to Orlando from years in Taiwan

Ruhmit – Physician working with Palms of Largo

Julian – Schizophrenia