Please Prayer For List

Prayer List


  1. Scott W,  Guidance  to hear God’s guidance for others New business opportunity with couples assessment and their significant relationship. Safe travels for next 3 weeks.
  3. Sunday – Granddaughter of Welch’s – made it through first call for Annie for National Tour

Betty Ann Welch – Mental health, Neck palsy

Schools, teachers, staff, faculty students – safety in schools

Jeff- addiction to alcohol, depression, finding new self

Gene – neighbor of Dan & Margie – Peace

Eric & Laura – relationship

Jenn Welch -Much needed infusions needs to be paid for by insurance and Financial assistance program. Recovery from Flu A

Peggy Yager stage 4 lung Cancer/brain recovery 

Jenifer Smith’s mother, Becky – is in last stages of pancreatic cancer

Michael Reidelbach – Kathleen’s brother  Parkinson’s disease

Stephen Lamb – Congestive Heart Failure treatment 

Bill & Rendi Elliot – health concerns

Lorraine Woltz- failing health has round the clock care.

Patti Roller – Atrial fib diagnosis

Kaleb Walsh – At Wheaton College. 

Elizabeth – Friend of Bud & Bobbie – recovering at home from pancreatic cancer surgery

Sam Mike – new work schedule

Kelly  Health and permanent place to rehabilitate

Julian – Schizophrenia 

Stephanie – Health 

Amy & son, Gabriel, daughter and Grandson of Stephanie B – Amy recovering from Kidney Stone surgery, Son, Gabriel in car accident that totaled their car.  Gabriel apprehensive in continuing to drive.

Jeff Reynolds – new business adventure videoing Depositions. Sell of boat.

People in Israel

Margie Ratcliff- PRAISE  accepted into  clinical trial for a nebulizer for a year to combat  immunoglobulin suppressed fighting non tuberculosis micro bacteria in lungs. Side affects from breathing apparatus.

Kevin – Margie Ratcliff’s brother – shoulder replacement surgery

Walsh family- Safety on Ski trip.

Randy Park – recovery from Rotator cuff surgery – 

Marina Welch – I Recovery from Flu A.  Praise rode Shelby, the Mustang for first time.

Terry & Family – sister of Jay Walsh -mental health crisis

Lisa – mother of Jenn Welch’s friend – results from two Subdermal brain surgeries 

Carol Kacinko –  slipping and paraesophageal hiatal hernia cannot be done to too many complications. Visit to Mayo clinic.

Jenny – Margie’s mentor – Laminectomy , daughter’s mouth

Scott Lamb  New Physical Balance Therapy Tuesday, March 5th. 

Peggy Sills – work/life balance   Sore throat and coughing.

Travis – slow down to focus on Grace

Tedi – Nothing showed up on dye tests.  Took 2 biopsies

Uncle Richard – Jerri Walsh’s uncle – fractured hip 96 yrs. was doing better, but now he and his wife contracted Covid.

Jenn Welch’s Mom – bad reaction to medication for Crohn”s. 

Karen & Jeff will have Karen’s parents and her 1/2 sister visiting March 8th. praying for good relationships as it has been many years that Karen has seen her sister Susan.

Dan Ratcliff – PRAISE Homeowners meeting where it was decided to reset and look for other solutions.

Ken – neighbor to Jerri & Jay – going to get Lung biopsy report this Thurs., February 29th

Jay Walsh’s family members going through marital counseling.

Tom – friend of Ratcliff’s in hospital with Covid/rapid heart beat

California – Bad winter weather

Texas – Bad fires

Kathleen Lamb – swollen knee, painful ankle