Please Prayer For List

Prayer List

Jaime Thomas  employment, filing for unemployment

President Trump and our political leaders – Wisdom

 Cindy – Jenn  Welch  sister cervical cancer  Cindy’s daughter – Katie   

Nina – Stephanie’s sister – Lymph node cancer 

Marilyn Udell – Cancer

Scott  & Jenn- Overwhelming  medical decisions

Kathleen – loss of sense of smell & taste

Irene- terminally ill

Tricia – brain tumor 

John Moscaro – Cancer treatment, 

Betty Ann – Scott Welch’s Mom – mental clarity and physical needs

Jenn Welch surgical appt. 5/4/21 Cleveland Clinic 

Bill & Rendy Elliott medical needs

Scott Lamb – Covid Vaccine

Chris & David – relationship

Carly Frances  Recovery from Cancer

Peggy – Autoimmune issues, find appt with Cardiologist soon.

Scott W Guidance with overwhelming counseling schedule

May –  liver transplant

Wayne Barker -Heart Valve Replacement  

Stephanie move to South Carolina

Steven – Tina Uhrinek’s brother – Pancreatic Cancer 

Jill & husband – marriage

Kenny – struggling with lockdown

Mike – decisions for continued career path 

Michael – balancing problems

Kathleen – Sciatica problem

Stan Collins & Family 

Family of Debbie Keating – death from Covid – New Jersey

Crews Family – loss of father 

Jacob & Jordan – death of grandmother