Please Prayer For List

Prayer List


  1. Scott W,  Guidance  to hear God’s guidance for others.  Difficult judicial responsibilities between Mother/Dad and children.

Sunday – Granddaughter of Welch’s – made it through first call for Annie for National Tour

Betty Ann Welch – Mental health, Neck palsy

Schools, teachers, staff, faculty students – safety in schools

Jeff- addiction to alcohol, depression, finding new self

Gene – neighbor of Dan & Margie – Peace

Eric & Laura – relationship

Jenn Welch – Reaching out to friend who is suffering. 

Sonya & Tom – Prostate cancer still present

Peggy Yager stage 4 lung Cancer/brain recovery 

Jenifer Smith’s mother – pancreatic cancer

Michael Reidelbach – Kathleen’s brother  Parkinson’s disease

Stephen Lamb – Congestive Heart Failure treatment 

Bill & Rendi Elliot – health concerns

Lorraine Woltz- failing health

Karen Reynolds  PRAISE happy with future with current corporation, peace with job journey

Patti Roller – Atrial fib diagnosis

Cliff Voege’s friend’s wife – Kim placed in Hospice care facility

Jacob & Kaleb Walsh – guidance in making good school decisions

Elizabeth – Friend of Bud & Bobbie – recovering at home from pancreatic cancer surgery

Bobbie Martin & Family – death of Bud

Sam Mike – new work schedule

Kelly  Health and permanent place to rehabilitate

Julian – Schizophrenia 

Stephanie – recovering from constant coughing from  Cold

Scott Lamb, Low Thyroid , Pain

Jerri Walsh – – safety & safety to work related trips

People in Israel

Patty – friend of Margie Ratcliff – PRAISE Cancer FREE

Michelle – daughter of Margie’s friend – waiting for results from mouth biopsy

Margie Ratcliff- Recovery from Sinus Surgery. clinical trial for a nebulizer for a year to combat. immunoglobulin suppressed fighting non tuberculosis micro bacteria in lungs

Margie/Dan PRAISE coordinating with  Hope Villages to help people who live at Palms of Largo,

Kevin – Margie Ratcliff’s brother – shoulder replacement surgery

Jay Walsh – Double vision,  

Randy Park – Skin cancer – Rotator cuff surgery – 11/29/23

Marina Welch – PRAISE rehabbing horse is residing at their home, PRAISE friends who reached out  to Marina.  Marina’s Bible Teacher – stressful situation at home.

Chris – friend of Jerri Walsh – Breast surgery recovery

Nazi & Christina – friends of Ratcliff’s – death of Christina’s partner

Terry & Family – sister of Jay Walsh -mental health crisis

Caleb – Grandson of Walsh’s – Applying for Wheaton College’s football team

Lisa – mother of Jenn Welch’s friend – results from two Subdermal brain surgeries 

Donna – Kathleen’s sister-in-law’s sister – pancreatic cancer – in hopes of being accepted in Mayo Clinic’s clinical trial