Please Prayer For List

Prayer List


  1. Scott W,  Guidance  to hear God’s guidance for others New business opportunity  Equine Therapy training August 13th.  Guidance for future.
  3. Sunday – Granddaughter of Welch’s – made it through first call for Annie for National Tour

Betty Ann Welch – Mental health, Neck palsy

Schools, teachers, staff, faculty students – safety in schools

Jeff- addiction to alcohol, depression, finding new self

Gene – neighbor of Dan & Margie – Peace

Eric & Laura – relationship

Peggy Yager stage 4 lung Cancer/brain recovery, Migraines

Michael Reidelbach – Kathleen’s brother  Parkinson’s disease

Stephen Lamb – Congestive Heart Failure treatment 

Bill & Rendi Elliot –  grave health concerns, Bill’s recovery from open heart surgery, not to overdo it.

Patti Roller – Atrial fib diagnosis, daughter’s marriage 

Elizabeth – Friend of Bud & Bobbie – recovering at Rehab for bad fall.

Sam Mike – new work schedule

Kelly  Health and permanent place to rehabilitate

Julian – Schizophrenia 

Stephanie, Rachel & Family – adjusting to new home, has plumbing problem.

Jeff Reynolds – new business adventure videoing Depositions. Sell their boat. Bee business

People in Israel/Iran

Margie Ratcliff- getting used to the treatment from the clinical trial for a nebulizer for a year to combat  immunoglobulin suppressed fighting non tuberculosis micro bacteria in lungs. Side effects from breathing apparatus. 

Marina Welch – Praise  no evidence of rheumatologic disease. at the root of Marina’s Dysautonomia. Migraines, heart, high B12  

Terry & Family – sister of Jay Walsh -mental health crisis

Jenny – Praise  Laminectomy surgery working.

Scott Lamb Low Red blood cells, 

Peggy Sills – work/life balance.  Help finding an assisted living facility for her Dad and Stepmom. 

Eddie Sills – Esophageal constriction. Swallowing problem.  Surgery needed 

Katelyn Sills – making decision whether to move to Seattle with existing company

Travis – slow down to focus on Grace

Uncle Dick fractured hip, now looking at assisted living facilities.

Ken – neighbor to Jerri & Jay – recovery from lung biopsy

Jay Walsh’s family members going through marital counseling.

Beth Willy’s mother aneurysm 

John & Cindy – John’s shunt replaced

Koelsch & Stasis families – birth of child – Jullian

Chris – friend of Jerri Walsh – Thyroid Surgery 

Tricia – friend of Jerri Walsh – Cancer in lymph nodes 

Karen – Margie Ratcliff’s tennis friend – Brain Tumor

Jeff Coker – battling cancer

Karen Reynolds parents – moved into new home in Melrose Fl., father to find volunteer position to keep him active  

Cindy – Jenn Welch’s sister – possible Sarcoidosis instead of cancer.

Scott’s friend’s Son – abuse.

Karen & Javad – fostered child possibly going back to parents

Robyn Kearns – friend of Kathleen’s heart procedure

Geoff Deuel – recovery from fractured ankle

Jenn Welch -PRAISE no need for surgery at this time for torn Meniscus Right Knee.

Anna Marie – Jerri Walsh’s Mom  PRAISE doing well at home receiving home health for dizziness 

Missionary couple friend of the Welch’s – their eldest son decision to gender affirm

CEO and family 

Jim Larsen – passing out – has appt. with Dr. Tuesday, June 22nd