Please Prayer For List

Prayer List

Jaime Thomas  employment, filing for unemployment

President Trump and our political leaders – Wisdom

 Cindy – Jenn  Welch  sister cervical cancer -Appt with surgeon in Orlando  &  Cindy’s daughter – Katie   

Nina – Stephanie’s sister – Lymph node cancer 

Marilyn Udell – Cancer/eye

Scott  & Jenn & family finding solace with Jenn’s medical condition- 

Irene- terminally ill

Tricia – brain tumor 

John Moscaro – Praise  Cancer treatment, in remission

Betty Ann – Scott Welch’s Mom -in hospital Mersa & Cellulitis 

Jenn Welch  Problem with Ostomy – appt Weds. with colorectal specialty Dr Parra Davila in Palm Beach.

Bill & Rendy Elliott medical needs

Chris & David – relationship

Carly Frances  Recovery from Cancer

Peggy -Heart issues, vaccine reaction

Scott W Guidance with overwhelming counseling schedule

May –  liver transplant, Praise off ventilator- starting to walk with walker

Steven – Tina Uhrinek’s brother – Pancreatic Cancer 

Jill & husband – marriage

Mike – decisions for continued career path 

Michael Reidelbach & family – traveling to Kenya

Stan Collins & Family 

Family of Debbie Keating – death from Covid – New Jersey

Crews Family – loss of father 

Sandy Graham – Cancer

Kelly – Renal failure

Dr. Salton – Heart issues

Kevin – loss of son

Bessie- Brain cancer

Sophia – loss of taste & smell

Sam – relief from migraine

Julia’s Father – cancer 

Jenn’s parents – Jeannie and Mike – 

Luis Izquierdo’s family – death of Luis

Aubry – guidance for summer plans.

Joe Urhrinek  – loss of Mother

Karen Reynolds Mom & Dad – both with Covid, Praise Dad out of  hospital – has COPD and some mental difficulties

Karen Reynolds brother Nathan moving family from Canada to Kansas, brother Matt assisted with broken down trailer and car

Dan Ratcliff’s brother Jeff – on lots of medication for pain which is life changing. Pray for his wife Carla who is the Jeff’s Caregiver

Dan – appt with dermatologist area on head and chest

Caitlyn/ Kenny – Peggy’s daughter & Son – depression, not happy 

Dan’s brother’s son – single Dad  with two young daughters to care for.

Margie R – PRAISE  getting back to her normal work duties  & benefits.

Kim – sudden move 

Penny T. – recovery from laryngitis 

Char – friend of Karen’s parents – Covid and on Ventilator 

Michael Reidelbach and family of Kathleen’s -PRAISE returned safely  from Kenya

Peggy  – decision as to what to do with her home

Sara – mother to Jenn’s best friend – heart surgery recovery. & for stepfather

Kelly – Prostate surgery Weds.

Sam – hairdresser stroke recovery

Sonya – Esophagus growth

All children who don’t have a earthly father

Marina – turmoil with Father’s Day

Scott Welch’s Mom Betty Ann – Angioplasty Monday, June 21st