Please Prayer For List

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Bob Davis – induced coma due to a fall.

Pray for Mike Clark – Serious Medical Concern

Please pray for Kathleen & Scott’s move.

Pray for Bud & Bobbie’s friend – Louise’s family Louise is now with our Lord.

Pray for Judy Newsome –  Chemo

Pray for Ann Cremean’s family 

Dolly Garlick – quarantined with leg cramps

All truck drivers, farmers, cashiers

Sarah & Penny -miscarriages 

Dena Cathey – Shingles, Workman’sComp.

Niece – Shannon – Covid positive

Down syndrome child with Covid

Jake – positive Covid

Laura – Stomach issues

Jean – Stomach issues

Liam – anxiety 

Jeanne – Jenn Welch’s Mom  Diagnosis for passing out. 

Mike – Jenn Welch’s Dad – relieve any anxiety from his wife’s illness. 

Jenn’s friend Riki medical procedure 

Chloe – 3 rd old – brain surgery

Sally – mother of Chloe pregnancy

Kenya Family – Robert, Anna –  continued spiritual awakening

Susan – God continuing to reveal himself to her.

Dennis Kelly – fell and has brain bleed

 Jerri’s co -worker who had 25 week birthed twins Jerri’s friend whose mom had blood clot in brain , surgery and lost feeling in left side of body 

Penny, with liver cancer 

Judy Newsome Michelle Humbert  

Eric and Scott’s Video discussion Pray for our God Vision 

Scott’ s sanity 

Pray for Tamara Longnecker – Heart issues

Cory Freeman – Covid 19

Zeena – divorce and care for children

Larry M – incurable cancer

Ann – cancer

Peace in our world

Doris & John – health concerns

Tyra – loss of Mother

Youth Pastor – difficulty in church

Scott Welch – everyday helping others in crisis

Scott Lamb – employment

Dan R – retirement

Kathleen – new principal

Barbara’s pet Mimi – concussion



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