Please Prayer For List

Prayer List


Scott W,  Guidance   counseling guidance with couples

Dan Ratcliff’s brother Jeff – on lots of medication for pain which is life changing. His wife Darla nurse at hospital with many Covid cases

Afghanistan – All people, – safety

Betty Ann – content with everyday living losses

ALL Care Facilities – to keep open for visitors of residents

Schools, teachers, staff, faculty students – Covid

Anthony Santanna – Severe injuries from hit by train

Lori – friend of Ratcliff – Brain surgery

Susan, Channy relatives of Dan Ratcliff – Covid

Jeff- addiction to alcohol, depression, finding new self

Scott Lamb decision to find work closer to home

Carl – Margie’s tennis friend – Cancer will be helped with Radiation

Jake – transformation in finding a new church home

Joe & daughter – dealing with wife leaving home

Stephanie – Health/depression, work out increase in rent

Kathleen Lamb – Occupational Therapy

Scott Lamb – procedure  01/10/22

Maureen B -recovery from breast cancer surgery

Marina – starting new Middle school -new friendships

Gene – neighbor of Dan & Margie – Peace

Mike R – Kathleen’s nephew – Staffing for practice

Eric & Laura – relationship

Jenn’s Mom & Dad everyday living 

Margie Jenkins returning home after recent death of husband, Steve

Dustin – rehab in Ca for drug therapy – make good decisions.

Jerri – writing new program for Zoom 

Sue – Rotator cuff surgery

Peggy – Eye problems. Needs help with cost of medication

Sonya & Tom – Tom PRAISE aggressive prostate cancer.

Jeff R – Put bad habits to bed

Vaccine Mandates

Peggy Yager stage 4 lung Cancer/brain

Mike – Prostate issues

Laura Sills – recovery from back surgery/ walking

Joanie – friend of Margie – recovery from Covid

Katie – relationship

Matt – brother of Karen Reynolds, – recovery from Heart Attack, Care of family 

Karen & Jeff Reynolds – Safe travels from Las Vegas

PRAISE – Kaleb Walsh – defensive player of the year!

Kevin – Margie’s brother safety in helping Samaritan’s Purse in New Orleans


Lynne S – Sciatica 

Jen, Wyatt and family – recovery from Covid

Jay Walsh  Retinal specialist 4th cranial nerve palsy

Max & Sue – neighbors to Peggy & Eddie – health issues 

Bree – friend of Margie & Dan – Covid 

Jerri Walsh – PRAISE – work promotion

Scott Lamb – appt with urgent care Monday, 01.24.22 at 3:30pm – rash

Josiah, Jordan  – Covid, pray it doesn’t move to their children